Joe Don Rooney thinks Blake Shelton was ‘kinda right’

You've heard about Blake Shelton's foot-in-mouth moment on GAC Backstory, correct? I asked Joe Don Rooney from Rascal Flatts for his take on Blake's comments, here's what he said…

JD=Joe Don
CM=Cory Myers

BW: Did that come off as disrespectful to you?

JD: Now, what's his name again? Blake what?

BW: Blake Lambert

JD: Oh! That guy that's married to Miranda! Ya know what? Here's the thing about Blake…he's so funny. You don't know if he's joking, you don't know if he's serious. He doesn't even know if he's joking or serious. That's just Blake. I think his point honestly comes from a good place, he's just kinda having fun with it. Country music does have to evolve and it has evolved to where it is, and it's going to keep evolving into whatever it's going to be. I think that's kind of his point, from my side, being serious, he's kind of right. But, he didn't have to be so edgy about it.

CM: So honest…

JD: I don't know if it's honest or he's just trying to be a jackass himself. None of those old guys are gonna see it or hear that anyway, so what's it matter. (laughs)

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