Jake Owen’s dad begins radiation treatment for throat cancer

Jake and dad
Well wishes going out to Jake Owen's dad, Steve, who is set to begin radiation treatment for throat cancer today, Wednesday, February 20. 

Back in January, Jake revealed on Facebook that his father had undergone surgery for cancer. Now he's revealed that his dad is beginning 6-1/2 weeks of radiation at the Mayo Clinic.

From The Country Vibe:

“I talk to him every day.  I think he gets annoyed with it because he thinks that I’m over-analyzing the situation.  But I’m not.  I’m just careful and my main goal is to keep his spirits high.  What he’s going through in his mind isn’t a big deal, because my dad’s good at everything he’s ever done and he works hard so he can beat it.  But I remind him sometimes, whether he wants to hear it or not, ‘Dad, what you’re going through is not easy.  But I’m here for you, mom’s there for you.’”   

Jake says he also convinced his dad to get a small dog to be his companion while he undergoes radiation treatments five days a week for six and a half weeks.  Because his dad’s cancer started on the back of his tongue, the radiation treatments will be concentrated on his neck and throat area. He’s expected to lose his taste buds for at least a year and have a horrible sore throat for a while, but Jake feels confident about his dad’s prognosis and he says, “My dad’s been good at everything he does, he’ll beat it, he’ll be good, and I just want to maintain that mindset as well.”

Cancer's a tough bitch, but it sounds like Jake's dad has a great support system, which is usually as important if not more so than the best treatments in the world. Good luck Mr. Jake Owen's dad!