Dierks Bentley invites Walmart checker to ACM Awards


Boy, here's a dream come true.

Walmart checker, Kayla Slone, has become an internet sensation after a friend videoed her at her Wally World register singing some Dolly Parton tunes. Kayla is a great singer and the world is taking notice. 

First, Diane Sawyer featured her in a story and then she made an appearance on Anderson Cooper's talk show.  

After flying for the very first time and making her way to New York, Kayla got a surprise while talking with Anderson. Dierks Bentley called in with an invite for Kayla … he gave her tickets to the ACM Awards in April along with tickets to a pre-show party he's throwing.

Dierks said: “I’m a huge fan. Like so many people, I saw the video, and, gosh, I just love your singing, your voice, it’s such a great traditional country voice. It was really refreshing and I wanted to just call and tell you that I’m a fan and enjoyed your story.”  Dierks suggested they should get together and sing and Kayla exclaimed, “Well come get me!  I’m ready!”  

That's when Dierks surprised her with the tickets and the party invite. To make sure she was able to make it, Anderson offered to pay for her trip. 

Check out Dierks chatting with Kayla on Anderson Cooper recently above. You can also check out Kayla singing at Walmart here

{via The Country Vibe}