Did the Carrie-Taylor feud start last spring?

Remember that one time when Carrie, Kellie, and Taylor were friends?


Well, those days seem to be long gone.  Or not.  Let's overanalyze a clip from an interview I did with Carrie last April, shall we?

When probed about her friendship with Taylor, Carrie said, "I think there was less for us to do back then, so we were all here.  I don't know how much Taylor really hangs out in Nashville anymore.  Pickler and I, we'll text each other."  She added, "The same thing with Hillary Scott.  I love her to death and every time we see each other we get to hang out and talk, but we're never in town at the same time."

Notice that she makes no mention of any form of communication with Taylor.  My guess is, the friendship kind of fizzled out when things got busy.  Perhaps there is a small spat over a misconstrued text or email that was blown out of proportion by the media.

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