Did Taylor Swift refuse to give Carrie Underwood a standing ovation at the Grammy Awards?

So you've probably heard the rumor that there's no love lost between Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift and that the two made a specific request to the people in charge of the Grammy Awards to keep them away from each other. 

Spoil sports.

After the rumor came to light, Carrie Underwood went on record and said that if there's a fight between she and Taylor she's not aware of it. You can see video of her denying the reports here. The thing is, did anyone really expect Carrie to confirm the rumor even if it was true? Please, she's much more polite than that. I don't know if there's really a feud going on between the two power houses, but if a picture is worth a 1000 words then this picture has a heckuva lot to say.

A reader sent me this screen shot that she found over on the Examiner website.
Carrie Taylor standing ovationIt's pretty interesting because the screen grab reportedly shows the moments after Carrie finished singing at the Grammys when everyone gave her (and her light up dress) a standing ovation. 

Well everyone except Taylor Swift. 

The picture shows Taylor sitting firmly (but at least politely clapping) while everyone else is on their feet. 

This really wouldn't be a big deal to me if the media hadn't gone wacko over the fact that Chris Brown did the same thing when Frank Ocean won his Grammy Award that evening.

Oh sure, Taylor hasn't beat up her girlfriend in the past and deserve everyone's scorn like Chris does, but it's still the exact same disrespect paid to another artist. Media double standard much? 

You can watch Carrie's performance below or here