Brian Davis, Kip Moore & Brantley Gilbert Rock Morgantown, WV


Saturday Feb 9th in Morgantown, WV there was a huge fire at the WVU Coliseum but this time there was no couches to be burned.The Hell On Wheels tour exploded in Morgantown for one kick ass show. Fans were tailgating in the parking lot as early as 1pm. The parking lot was filled with trucks, country music and even fires. Did you expect anything less? After all Morgantown is ranked one of the top party cities in the entire U.S. Opening the show was North Carolina native Brian Davis. Brian held a "meet and drink" before the show in his tour bus. Fans got a beer, a warm seat and Brian's new cd "Under The Influence." Brian also sang a few songs for everyone. Fans were in good company as they were greeted by Brian's dad, brother and tour manager Arlis. A few of Brian's band members were also shaking hands. I noticed right away that Brian wants to know everyone by name and wants to hug every single person joining him on the bus. A empty jar of moonshine from the night before caught my eye and with all the F bombs being dropped it was clear what kind of people filled that tour bus…some of the best people you could ever meet thats for sure. Brian's dad bragged about how his son stays after every show to make sure each fan gets that autograph or photo. After the show, I noticed Brian's brother greeting every single fan in line and apologizing for the wait. Brian's tour manager Arlis didn't have to say much, it's perfectly clear how much faith he has in Brian's ability to perform. It was truly an honor to be invited into his world for even such a short amount of time. Brian's performance was everything I knew it would be and his energy on stage is insane. Opening the show with "Bang Bang" really got the crowd going and his ballad "Against The World" that he wrote with Brantley Gilbert was pure genius. You really hang on to each and every word until the end. Next was Kip Moore which for me started off a little slow, then during "Fly Again" he jumped into the audience and it brought me back to reality. Kip has such a unique voice and he can really sing. The stories he told had their own style and were so original. Kip explains before singing "Fly Again" that there are three stages to a break up. "Month one your feelin a little down and hurt" and then he explains the other stages in style "Stage two your just pissed off and then comes stage three where you finally realize" he paused for a second and shouted "I don't give a damn no more." Seeing Kip live also made me realize what a wonderful song writer he is as well. One of my favorite parts of the show was when Kip came out in a WVU jersey and of course everyone went nuts. Morgantown is known for loving their football team. Finally, Brantley hit the stage for one hell of a performance. For those who know me, you know that Brantley Gilbert is my top artist. I basically eat, sleep and breathe Brantley. He performed a new song called "Read Me My Rights" which him and Brian Davis co wrote together. It was in true Brantley fashion. A outlaw, a gentleman and a damn good song writer pretty much explains him perfectly. Brantley explained to the audience how he felt about being there, "I'm not gonna lie to yall when I found out we were doing this show I looked at my manager and said that's gonna be a crazy sum bitch right there!" and not long after he made that comment a few security guards were escorting people out of the audience. You have to be a special kind of person to enjoy a Brantley Gilbert show and I felt right at home. The ultimate highlight of the show was when Brian Davis joined Brantley on stage for a country classic by David Murphy "Dust On The Bottle." The Hell On Wheels Tour most definately gets a 10 out of 10. If you haven't heard of Brian Davis you can follow him on twitter @briandavislive or check out his website I would suggest checking out his music, you won't regret it. Check out photos from the show below.




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    Bella 4000

    Agree, got to be a “color outside the lines’ type of person to appreciate BG…but I just happen to be that type and have recently discovered he’s brilliant artist. Love my outlaws!

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