A Mindy McCready update

As happens when something tragic happens, details have been emerging rapid fire regarding Mindy McCready's final days leading up to her death last Sunday. 

Here's a few of them.

The most important bit of information that's come out I think is that it turns out that Mindy was never a suspect in her boyfriend's death. 

It had been reported that Mindy was under investigation in the death of her boyfriend, David Wilson, after he died of a gunshot wound last month. The story went that she kept changing her story about how she found Wilson and that made police suspicious.

According to TMZ, however, Mindy was never a suspect and wasn't under investigation. Cleburne County Sheriff Marty Moss tells the website that Mindy was never considered a suspect or person of interest and that she "never changed her story."

I just hope that Mindy didn't read the reports that had her pegged as a possible murderer. 

Sadly, People Magazine, who has Mindy on their cover this week, is reporting that the troubled singer was served with papers just days before her suicide that indicated that steps were being taken to give custody of her two sons to her estranged mother. Mindy had a long, well documented history of problems with her mother and had battled for custody with her in the past.

They also report that Mindy "left for police a harrowing scene of death and filth. The house reeked, food was left out and dog feces were everywhere. Bottles full of prescription pills sat on the nightstand and in the bathroom, according to a police source."

Entertainment Tonight dug into the archives and found a video of Mindy talking openly about her past suicidal thoughts.    

Mindy also opened up days before she died to friend and private investigator Danno Hanks about finding her boyfriend dead. It's heartbreaking

Lastly, just days before she died, Mindy helped put together a video she hoped would help those dealing with a suicide but in the end it turned out to be her own suicide note. 

“She said she wanted to put together this video to help people deal when someone had suffered a suicide in their life and God, she was literally having me write her suicide note. If I had known, I would have made sure someone was there with her all the time.”

“I thought she was talking about sending a message about suicide for David's death but this is unbelievable. She was sending me a message. I wish I had been more alert to what it was.”

Here's the beautiful song and montage for I'll See You Yesterday

On a sidenote, if you or someone you know is considering suicide, please visit www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org or call 800-273-talk (8255).