What’s 2013 Set To Hold In Country Music? I Have A Go At Making Some REAL Predictions…


Well, we had my summary of 2012 in country music, and after
querying it on Twitter, apparently people would like my take on what’s in store
for the bright new year. I’m going to predict things at random. Mostly they’re
educated guesses, but we all need a few totally off-the-wall predictions,

  • Hillary Scott’s baby will be a boy. I have no
    idea what is telling me this, but something is.
  • Another country star will get pregnant. I think
    Carrie and Miranda (who have often been asked about kids) are more set for
    2014/15, but a country star somewhere is bound to get pregnant.
  • As for Taylor Swift relationship drama, I think
    after a couple of months the relationship with Harry will be over (although
    judging by her most recent tweet, “…’til you put me down.” It may already
    be), and she will have another two more relationships before the year is out,
    with a couple of other people she’s romantically linked with in the media but
    it doesn’t come to anything. Taylor has learned that relationships = publicity
    so I think her record label will be onto her to keep in the public eye in this
  • Kellie Pickler’s 2012 album ‘100 Proof’ wasn’t
    very well promoted by her label, who she then split from last year, but now she
    has signed with Black River Entertainment I think she will release a brand new
    single, totally out of left field and blow everyone away.
  • Kristian Bush will release an EP of acoustic
    sessions and a few songs he’s been working on, whilst Jennifer is off on
    maternity leave with her baby. It just makes sense and I really want it to

  • American Idol is a sinking ship and I think
    although their country audience will be higher this season with the addition of
    Keith as a judge, the ratings will generally flop and they will either axe it
    or call for one final season.
  • Kelly Clarkson has said she’s not turning
    straight to country and I don’t think she will do anything more on country
    music this year. She made inroads in 2012 and I think that’s enough for her for
  • ‘Nashville’ will get renewed for a second
    season. It better.
  • Blake Shelton’s mysterious hosting partner for
    the ACM Awards, that everyone is currently tweeting about? Miranda. Gotta be,
  • Everyone is talking about the Dixie Chicks
    reforming. They are playing one show together in place of Lady Antebellum this
    summer, but I think that’ll be it. Natalie Maines has her own solo release to
    think about and I still think things are too fresh to go there again just yet.
  • George Strait’s ‘The Cowboy Rides Away’ tour
    will break sales records. Of course it will.
  • At least two of the stars of ‘Nashville’ will
    release country records, or announce plans to. There’s at least six cast
    members who could easily have a career in country music and after their
    performances on the Grand Ole Opry I think it’s only a matter of time.
  • I was totally predicting that Jana Kramer and
    Brantley Gilbert will move in together, only to find it was announced that they
    are on 27th December last year. Well that’s already a checked box
    for me, right?
  • There will be at least two more controversial
    Tweet!Gates from Blake Shelton. That’s more a given than a prediction.
  • I have a feeling this year is going to see
    Taylor Swift fade from favor in country music. I’ve been getting a vibe lately
    and I think it’s going to come into focus this year. That’s not to say she won’t
    rise higher and higher in the pop music world of course, which I completely
    believe she will.
  • Faith Hill and Tim McGraw will release a DVD of
    their Vegas show, and will re-release a new recording of one of their biggest
    hits from the show. It’s obvious, right?
  • Do I hear an engagement coming from Jana and
    Brantley? Do I? I hope so. They’re pretty cute.
  • Finally, and not something that a lot of you
    will care about, but I do because I’m British, I think the upcoming Country to
    Country festival in March (featuring Carrie Underwood, Little Big Town,
    Brantley Gilbert, Kristian Bush, Vince Gill, Tim McGraw, etc) will be a
    sell-out, and they’ll make it an annual thing. Well, I hope.
  •  So, what do you think of my predictions?
    Accurate or not? Do you have any to add? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. texasjack58@hotmail.com'
      Texas Jack

      YES, Taylor Swift will fade as year progresses. Her record label might think all these relationships will keep her in public eye, but people are overly tired of her bedhopping/jilted lover routine. Add to it the fact that her 12-14 old audience is growing up, they may not be smartest but they can smell a 25 YO phony

    2. georgia.3333dddd@gmail.com'

      Oh I pray Taylor Swift fades from Country Music…it’s already suffering enough.

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