So What Of The New Music Of 2013?


So, as everyone’s adjusting to the idea of it being 2013,
and the coming events of the new year, I thought I’d take you through some of
the new artists and new releases of 2013, and what I’m most looking forward to
etc (as if I’m a tastemaker, ha). Read away for the lowdown.

Albums I’m Looking Forward To:

  • Ashley
    Monroe – Like A Rose

I began listening to Ashley back in about 2007 on MySpace, then my life moved
on and I forgot about her, only to rediscover her every so often as the
credited songwriter on an album sleeve, and finally when the Pistol Annies were
formed. Their 2011 album, ‘Hell On Heels’ was amazing and I really hoped that
Ashley would also consider making her own music again. The announcement came a
few months ago when Ashley posted a new song, the title track, on her Twitter,
stating that her album would be released 18th December. I loved the
new song and was excited to hear the record BUT then Ashley and Vince Gill (who
happens to be her producer) wrote a new song and the release date was pushed
back until 5th March. I was gutted, but I am now counting down the
days until I can finally hear this long-overdue life-affirming release from
such a prolific songwriter of country music.

  • Kacey
    Musgraves – TBA

I’ve never watched Nashville Star (occupational hazard of living in the UK) so
I had never heard of Kacey Musgraves before this year, and although I had
vaguely heard the name, it wasn’t until the beginning of December that I
finally listened to ‘Merry Go Round’. That’s it, I was hooked, I researched
her, wrote articles, bought the track and if my iPhone was counting the number
of times I have played it, it without exaggeration would be in excess of 70 or
80, at least. My favorite country release of the year. Very little album
information has been released so far but it does at least seem it will be this
year it comes out, although that is little consolation for someone like me who
absolutely cannot wait. Watch this space.

  • Pistol
    Annies – TBA

Need I say more? If you read the Ashley Monroe paragraph you’ll know how much I
love this group, and at the end-of-2012 announcement on Twitter that they were
listening to new songs, well, I could hardly contain myself. EXCITEMENT. I’m
slating this for a late Summer/early Fall release, allow Ashley to promote her
album etc.

  • Miranda
    Lambert – TBA

I’m sensing a pattern here. Okay so by now you should all know that Miranda is
my fave, and this shouldn’t require any explaining whatsoever. She is due a new
album at the end of 2013, possibly the beginning of 2014 if she intends to take
her time over it, but we shall see. Right now she is promoting ‘Mama’s Broken
Heart’, so I think it will be a while yet.

  • Brad
    Paisley – TBA

Why has no-one decided on their album titles yet? This greatly annoys me. I
have loved Brad since ’07 and have every single one of his albums. He’s one of
my favorites of all time and ‘Southern Comfort Zone’ is a total classic and has
hit home with so many people. He has also said about this album that he went
back to basics and recorded everything and didn’t digitally add things or mess
about with stuff. If it’s on the record, he and his band played it. I love that
return to a more ‘real’ sound as I think Nashville has gotten far
over-saturated with exactly the same sonic unit of late, and it makes for some
very boring releases if you ask me, naming no names of course (that’s for
another article entirely). This is coming out April 9th so mark your
calendars and be on the look-out for an album title, a track list and a second
single in the meantime.

New Artists To Look Out For:

Again, I’m putting Kacey
on this list. I think she’s too much of a talent to ignore and
I’m hoping she’ll be making some huge waves in Nashville this year. Another act
I’m full supporting in 2013 is The
Cadillac Black
. They have toured with Eric Church, Dierks Bentley, ZZ Top
and Lynyrd Skynyrd in the past year (and got huge compliments from all), the
lead singer writes for countless artists including producing Dierks’ latest EP,
they have had songs featured on tons of huge network shows (not forgetting
three songs featured in one episode of ‘Nashville’), and I am writing an artist
feature on them. I genuinely really like their blend of country and rock
(heavier and edgier than that in Nashville at the moment) termed ‘Country Fuzz’
and when I was approached to write the article I couldn’t believe I got to
write about a band I actually really liked. I’m hoping it’s going to be a big
year for them as they really deserve it and if you haven’t heard their music
yet you should definitely check them out. As for artists who already have
albums out, I’m gonna put it on the record and tip Jana Kramer and Lee Brice
to rise higher and have a big 2013.

In addition to this, there are plenty of tours to spend all
your hard-earned cash on. George Strait begins his ‘The Cowboy Rides Away’ tour
with Martina McBride, Hunter Hayes joins Carrie Underwood for the ‘Blown Away’
tour, Taylor Swift starts her highly-anticipated ‘Red’ tour and Miranda Lambert
and Dierks Bentley take their ‘Locked and Reloaded’ tour out on the road
beginning this month.

So whatever tour you’re planning on going to, whatever new
artist you’re tuning into and whatever album you’re counting down to, it looks
set to be a great year and I want to know what you’re rating and looking
forward to in the coming 12 months. COMMENT. Comment away.

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