People’s Choice Awards 2013: Let’s Pan To Taylor Swift


The People’s Choice Awards were last night (if you didn’t
know you may want to check your surroundings and make sure you’re not doing a
Patrick from Spongebob and living under a rock) and of course, an award show is
nothing without a winners list. Now, I was not previously aware that the PCAs
only have one country category. I was all ready to give you a winners list, but
err, rather awkwardly, it turns out there’s only one. Taylor Swift. Just for my
own amusement, here is the category plus nominees:

Favorite Country Artist

Blake Shelton

Carrie Underwood

Jason Aldean

Taylor Swift

Tim McGraw

interesting array of artists were nominated, and let’s face it, if we’re going
for young, commercial country, Tim McGraw seems a bit of a random choice,
compared to all the other pop/country artists I’d fully expect them to
nominate. However, sadly, I feel like this was a product of some middle-aged
music industry idiots in an office going “Err, we have to have a country
category. Errr, who have we heard of?” Not that I don’t like Tim McGraw, of
course, but for these kind of awards where there’s only one country category
and it’s mostly based around pop music, Tim isn’t the most obvious choice.

That aside,
considering how popular Taylor is at the pop award shows, I’m hardly surprised
she won. Forgetting all personal opinions, she seems much more at home, much
happier and much less aloof and more down-to-Earth (see her acceptance here)
in the pop world, so doesn’t it make sense to stick to where she clearly
belongs? There’s more success and more love for her there. It just makes sense,
outside of everything else I have said about her, why still have your foot in
the country field (haha, country? Field? Get it?) when you seem to be rather
disillusioned with it of late?

I have a
feeling that ‘Red’ will complete her genre transition in 2013. But only time
will tell.

For winners in all categories including those in movies and
television, you can visit the PCA’s website here.

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    I agree completely. She definitely belongs in the pop genre. I think she tolerates the country genre for the awards she receives.

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