‘Nashville’, Episode 10 – RECAP


The drama continued last week with episode 10 of 22 airing
on our screens, so naturally as with any other week, I’m on hand to recap
everything for you. It’s like I’m doing a service to humanity.

In Episode 10 Rayna and Juliette begin their tour together,
‘Red Lips And White Lies’. They’ve been doing small shows, and are about to do
their first big show, where all the creases should have been ironed out. After
abandoning her ‘official’ wedding, Juliette is trying to divorce Sean, but he
wants an annulment instead. Juliette is furious as she doesn’t want to take
back that they were married, however briefly, and wants it to stand as a
mistake that she can learn from. However, after a confrontation between the two
of them where Sean states that he only wants to be married once (no doubt due
to his faith), Juliette retracts her petition for divorce and agrees to the
annulment. She apologies and explains her actions but Sean still condemns her,
saying that now he knew her he didn’t like her at all, in so many words.
Considering the person Juliette is, I have a feeling this is going to hit her
hard in the coming episodes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she started to

Meanwhile Rayna is struggling with going out on her first
tour since losing Deacon as her guitar player. She isn’t happy with the performances
of the first two guitar players, and after firing one and the other quitting,
she eventually convinces her producer Liam to join them for a few shows. He is
begrudging, so as a gift she buys him a pair of expensive cowboy boots. He
tells her that it’s not his thing, and that he isn’t Deacon, or anything like
him, and that she is scared of going out on stage and having things feel
differently without Deacon.  Rayna is
also having difficulties adjusting in her marriage and initially doesn’t want
to join Teddy and her daughters for the night of the election. After all things
considered, she goes to surprise them, to witness Teddy winning the election.
Prior to this it was deemed to be neck-and-neck between Teddy and Coleman, and
it is suspected that Lamar may have bought some votes against Teddy’s will in
order to get him to win. I can see this blowing up in weeks to come.

Deacon is still out on tour and this episode is playing in
Austin. He has got Scarlett and Gunnar free tickets but Gunnar declines, saying
he has to see family. He drives Scarlett up there from Nashville, and despite
her prying gives nothing away. He then drives to seemingly pick his brother up
from jail, who we later discover has spent 8 years inside for a robbery. Gunnar
has set him up with a halfway house, but when he comes back to the motel
they’re staying in, he finds his brother has sold his guitar or something
similar, has a gun stored down the back of his pants, and has packed up to
leave without saying goodbye. After a confrontation, Gunnar gives in to letting
his brother leave, despite the fact that violation of his parole may mean he’ll
end up back in jail pretty soon.

Scarlet isn’t doing much better, after seeing the gig she
gets hit on by the lead singer, who is jealous of all the attention Deacon is
getting, and who has clearly decided that bedding the niece is the best way to
get back at him. He leads Scarlett into originally a ‘groupie’ type room, which
gets quietly evacuated by staff who are on an understanding, and he tries to
rape her. At this point Deacon realizes Scarlett is no longer hanging around
and goes to look for her, punching the bodyguard by the door of the ‘groupie’
room, and beating up the lead singer trying to rape Scarlett. Deacon gets fired
from the band, but he doesn’t care. It seems something was bothering him the
whole time he was out (and I suspect it may have something to do with

Avery is trying to make his way up the music industry career
ladder still, and after sleeping with Marilyn, his manager, again, he discovers
that she was keeping the contract from Dominic from him. She tells him he only
gets a 9% royalty rate, which, with other detractions, is very low and that
Dominic is trying to screw him over because he thinks he’s naive. Showing this
very naivety, Avery is furious and goes to Dominic himself, who manipulates him
by letting Avery drive his expensive car, and explaining to him that because
Marilyn gets a cut, she just wants more money out of the deal. It then
transpires that Avery has signed the deal, and that instead of an advance
(which is money loaned to the artist, which they use to pay for everything
including studio time, tours, merchandise etc, and then must be paid back to
the record company with royalties before they can start earning anything)
Dominic has bought him an expensive car instead. Marilyn protests, trying to
warn Avery of what he has done, but Avery turns on her, snarling in her face
that she should get on board, because she works for him.

I love this because it shows the true nature of the music
industry in general to a mass audience, and a lot of the drama here has the
potential to develop even further in the coming weeks. Are you excited? Tonight
is the next instalment with episode 11, at 10/9c on ABC.

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