Mindy McCready… A Murderer?


Well, it transpires that what seemed simply a sad story of
suicide to hit the country music blogs last week may have a little more to it.
Recently it was announced that Mindy McCready’s partner, David Wilson, had died
at the age of just 34, and with a 9-month-old son by Mindy. In the following
days it was revealed by Mindy’s spokesperson as a suicide via gunshot, and
after the public condolences to Mindy and family, it seemed like that was it
for that sad bit of news.

But it seems we were wrong.

According to this
, there are suspicions arising about a possible murder. Although
Mindy has not been named as an official suspect by any means, the article gives
rise to rumors by highlighting the speed in which her spokesperson claimed it
was a suicide, when it could take weeks for a state crime lab to come to a conclusion
and no-one involved in the investigation announced anything. People are currently
looking into the statement Mindy made to the police and whether she may have
had anything to gain financially from her boyfriend’s death. Of course, this is
all speculation and a few words from Fox News and The Enquirer, but it does
feel alarmingly Courtney Love-Kurt Cobain ish (which I must state was
officially ruled a suicide). Considering Mindy’s history with violence, her own
suicide attempts, depression and constant run-ins with the law, it possibly
doesn’t place her on good footing to begin this supposed investigation.

I am making no allegations but it’s definitely a storyline I
did not expect. I can imagine there will be more to come in the next few
weeks/months so I guess we will have to wait to find out more.

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