Kelly Clarkson has never lip-synced

Here’s an excerpt from my interview with Kelly:

Me: Did Beyonce lip-sync, and does it matter?

Kelly: It really didn’t matter to me; take it from a girl that has stood there. It’s the most nerve-wracking environment I’ve ever been in. Everything in your heart and soul is praying to God that you don’t mess up. And why is it, because that event isn’t about me or Beyonce or James Taylor, we’re just the jazz hands on the side. It’s about the President and it’s a historical event and it’s about our country. I could totally see why someone wouldn’t want to mess that up and pre-tape it.

Me: Did you lip-sync?

Kelly: I didn’t. Ya know, I’ve actually never done that. Because I’m terrified, if I ever did that, something horrible would happen, the track would skip…I have a really unhealthy fear about it. So no, I’ve never done that.

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Posted by Broadway (Guest Writer)
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