Jason Aldean asked for smaller role in movie

Jason Aldean makes his big screen debut this week at Sundance Film Festival in an indie film titled, "Sweetwater". He called my radio show last week to discuss that, his daughters dating, being the butt of jokes, and more.

Broadway: Joining us on the show; singer, songwriter, actor…Jason Aldean! How does that feel?

Jason: Well, I dunno. Wait 'til you see the movie before you say I'm an actor. You may strike that from the list.

Broadway: Have you seen the movie yet?

Jason: I haven't, you know what I'm actually supposed to see it today, as a matter of fact, for the first time. (Interview recorded on 1-11-13)

Broadway: How big of a role do you have in the movie, because you're not listed on IMDB.

Jason: Originally they wanted me to play a part that was a bigger part than what I ended up playing. But, with it being my first time acting I basically turned that role down and was like, "You got something that's a little bit less of a part?" I just kinda wanted to try a smaller part, and see if it was something I was even interested in. I ended up taking a role, and it's got a few speaking parts in it, but it's not a huge part, which is exactly what I wanted to do. If I was gonna be bad, I wanted to be on the film as least amount of time as possible.

Hear the full interview HERE.

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