Golden Globe Awards… Let’s (Not) Pan To Taylor Swift


If you saw the title
of my recent article on the People’s Choice Awards
, you’ll appreciate my
awesome pun skill(z) by the time you’ve finished reading THIS article.

So the Golden Globes were last night. Both Keith Urban and
the aforementioned Taylor Swift were up for the same award of ‘Best Original
Song – Movie’. Neither won, and instead it was given to Adele for ‘Skyfall’,
which I didn’t mind as it’s a good song and Adele is a fantastic performer. If
it had stopped there, I wouldn’t have bothered writing this article, and that
would have been that. Except, this happened:


Tina Fey (how gorgeous was her dress?!) and Amy Poehler were
the night’s hosts, and after they both lost their category they proceeded to ‘get
drunk’ on stage. Of course the banter is amusing and everyone’s having a good
time, until, out of the blue, Tina shouts “and you know what, Taylor Swift… you
stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son!”

Oh shoot. She went there.

Though you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t
love Tina Fey, even I have to admit it seemed a little bit random, a little
forced. It didn’t link to anything (although I didn’t see the rest of the show
admittedly), and although it was clearly meant to be part of the other jokes,
the insinuation is hard to ignore. After Tina’s declaration, Amy cut in with “Or
go for it!” with Tina disagreeing “No, she needs some ‘me time’ to learn about

So, although you could argue that the whole thing’s very
sexist and a man wouldn’t come under fire for the same actions as Taylor, they’re
basically calling her a whore. Aren’t they? Insinuating that she’s jumping onto
the next cute famous guy she can find, jumping from guy to guy straight after a
break-up. And guess what – the camera
didn’t pan to Taylor Swift
(now you get the title pun, don’t you?). The
same thing happened at the CMAs last November (see
my article on it for more info
), where Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley
made a light-hearted pun based on Taylor’s hit ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back
Together’. It was later revealed that the camera did not pan to Taylor as, and
I quote, “they don’t pan to you when you’re not laughing.” So we can imagine
the same thing has occurred here, right? There would be no other reason for
them not to pan to her, as they’d be keen to show the joke had gone down well
and it’s all one big party up at the Golden Globes.

So I have issues with this, if that is the case.

Again, as I said in article talking about the CMAs, Taylor
Swift is getting pissy because people are making a joke about her at an awards
show. So many people get joked about in these situations and they just laugh it
off. Why can’t she take a joke, or the slightest bit of criticism? It’s at
least polite to laugh it off even if you wish they hadn’t said it. Surely that’s
common courtesy (and years of awkward family Christmases with drunk relatives
tells us this)? She puts herself out there and dates very publicly – and of
course part of it is publicity. Then she makes a thing of writing incessantly
about ex-boyfriends and continuously calling them out (including really hurting
John Mayer when she harshly condemned him in ‘Dear John’), in fact, it’s what
her whole career is based on. What started off as a section from a teenage girl’s
diary, something quite endearing and clever for the amount of young girls who
related to it, now appears to have become a bit of a farce, a crazy novelty
that has been dragged on too long. She now seems to pick up new boyfriends as
quickly as she can after a break-up, making us question whether she was ever in
love in the first place, or whether she hasn’t got over previous love but needs
to have a new boyfriend to keep up publicity for current and future albums. It
calls into question her artistic authenticity, and that’s something she needs
to keep intact if she’s going to carry on appealing to the young girls that so
idolize her for speaking their truths.

Either way, if you’re going to put yourself out there like
that you need to be able to take criticism, you can’t rely on your adoring fans
and team you hold around yourself to ward off all negativity. You can’t take
yourself too seriously and you need to be able to both laugh at yourself and
laugh off the comments. Even if Taylor picked up on the ‘whore’ insinuation,
which I’m imagining she did, she needs to say “okay, I appreciate how I look
right now jumping on hot young guys for song material, but it’s just part of my
job and you wouldn’t be acting like this if a man did it”, which is a perfectly
acceptable response and one which I would accept and not criticize her at all
for. However, she never says anything, which means she may well not accept that
her actions could be deemed ‘whore-ish’ and thinks it’s perfectly normal to act
this way. Which is more worrying.

Either way, Taylor Swift needs a reality check and a crash
landing back to Earth. Diva doesn’t suit her.

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    I was shocked but laughing when she said this for it’s what every Mother over 40 is thinking. Why is 23 year old Taylor Swift dating 18-19 year olds? But what Tina said next is something Taylor can tell to heart. “Taylor needs to take some time to find herself”. Applause Applause!

    Jessica N.

    Great article. I agree with most of it. Taylor sets herself up for criticism and she needs to learn to act like a mature adult about it instead of sitting there with a pissy look smeared across her face and making snide remarks about those who innocently made jokes about her in an appropriate setting. We are living in Taylor Swift’s world, and I am so sick of it. This is how myself, as well as many others I know, feel about Taylor Swift.


    great article! Agree with All! Taylor can dish it out but she can’t take any criticism or she pouts and trashes everyone in songs. She is very arrogant and self-absorbed. Time for her to get some “me time” as Tina Fey accurately said. She can’t handle the truth about herself and she lashes out at anyone who dares to criticize her. Not a good role model at all.


    So many have put this girl on a pedestal and they are to blame. She has let all the fame go to her head and feels she’s above any criticism, but Taylor, the quicker you go to the top, the harder you fall. I don’t feel the hostess were insinuating she is a whore and I don’t feel she is, but if you’re going to date so many, don’t flaunt it and don’t go complaining in songs if they did you wrong. GROW UP and keep personal stuff personal…especially your love life! Everyone at some time has gotten a broken heart, so stop thinking you’re above this!

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