Gary Allan & Greg Bates Bring It On For 95.1 KFROG’s Birthday Bash

Many of us may wish for a Birthday Bash to be this big and full of good old country entertainment. I have a landmark birthday this year; but the party 95.1 KFROG threw on January 17th for their 43rd Birthday was probably as close as I will get to a big blow out.  No complaints though; I won't feel slighted; I was just happy to be along for their ride.

The Annual event was once again held in The Vibe room at Morongo Casino near Palm Springs, CA.  I find myself enjoying these smaller venues more and more; seems more intimate so to speak. It takes a big team to pull off such a grand party; but the station has no shortages of staff or sponsors who are more than willing to make it work.



The entertainment was once again above and beyond; just what a party should have. The evening started out with young new Repbulic Nashville recording artist Greg Bates. I had not seen Greg perform live before and was only familiar with his hit "Did It For The Girl" so I was looking forward to seeing what he brought to the party. He brought all the right party favors with his authentic country sound and song writing talent. From the talk among the crowd he has already developed quite a fan following and I myself see this young man going places.  I would enjoy seeing him again given the opportunity.


The anticipation for the headlining party entertainment was rewarded when California native, Gary Allan strolled onto the stage ready to round out the night with some of his hits such as "She's So California", "Her Man", "Songs About Rain," as well as one of my favorites, "Right Where I Need To Be."  As promised he brought in songs from his upcoming album, "Set You Free" which will be in stores on January 22nd. Just by the sound of two of the tracks, "It Ain't The Wiskey" and his current single out on radio, "Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)" I know this is another Gary Allan album I will not miss.




There were many ways to enjoy this night; be it kicked back and taking it all in; or indulging in  enough "adult beverages" to make ya scream, act crazy, and not remember most of it the next day. I guess I am of the old school crowd these days; I like to kick back and take it all in and remember it all the next day.  Well let the young have their fun; that's part of what our lives are. Thanks KFROG; another party success until next year when we anticipate how you can top the previous year.

Special Thanks to Victoria Jacobs for the pictures & the patience.




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