Blake Shelton Acts Like A ‘Dumbass’ For A PR Nightmare


So, the news broke
a couple of days ago Blake
Shelton made some disparaging comments about 'classic country' fans
. From
his updated GAC Backstory that originally aired in December, Blake stated: “If I am “Male Vocalist of
the Year” that must mean that I’m one of those people now that gets to decide
if it moves forward and if it moves on. Country music has to evolve in order to
survive. Nobody
wants to listen to their grandpa’s music. And I don’t care how many of these
old farts around Nashville going, “My God, that ain’t country!” Well
that’s because you don’t buy records anymore, jackass. The
kids do, and they don’t
want to buy the music you were buying.” Since this, radio
stations have been rumored to have removed his songs from their rota, particularly his new single
'Sure Be Cool If You Did' which was only released on January 1st. In addition,
there has been outcry with young and old country fans alike, who have not taken
kindly to his words. I have a few problems with it too. Blake has a history on
Twitter of running his mouth and saying things that have offended or upset
people. However, up until now the majority of people have been fine with it
(including me) because often it was amusing, light-hearted, and all in good
fun. This was not.

It doesn't take a
genius to figure out that country music is hugely respecting of tradition and
constructs itself around affiliations and references to the past. Some of the
biggest stars in its history have reinvented the genre with a newer, more
modern sound, but they have always kept something of the new, reminding people
where they came from and always laying down the red carpet, literally and
metaphorically, for the greats that came before them. The traditional nature of
country music demands a respect for the legends in the way that the elder and
head of a family would demand respect. In line with this, Blake has often
performed covers of older songs on stage. For Blake to suddenly turn round and
disrespect those who came before him is rude, ungrateful and unnecessary.
Country music is what it is because of them, and where was he to gain by
bad-mouthing them?


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