Westboro Baptist Church blames Carrie Underwood for Connecticut school shooting

Westboro Baptist Church is well known around the country as the seriously whacked out group of cult church members who like to picket soldier funerals while spouting hate speech and carrying nasty signs about God hating fags and thanking God for dead soldiers, all under the cloak of free speech. 

But if you thought that that sort of thing was despicable then you haven't heard anything yet. Church members actually planned on picketing in Newtown, Connecticut today where funerals were set to begin for faculty and students who were gunned down last Friday at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. 

Amazingly, the church seems to have gotten cold feet – or maybe it was all the bikers who showed up to protect mourners from the protest that gave them reason to rethink their plan – because they never showed, although it's not clear if they still plan to show up in the days ahead.

Here's the kicker in the whole crazy story, though; the church blames someone other than the shooter, lousy gun control, and rabid mental illness for what happened … they actually blame Carrie Underwood. 

Yes, the Westboro Baptist Church thinks that Carrie is the cause of the horrible massacre. 

On Friday, Margie Phelps, spokeswhatever for the Church, tweeted this lovely tweet about why Carrie was to blame.  

The link she used to prove that Carrie was to blame was to this story on God Hates The Media that read:

Rather than be thankful for the singing talent God gave her, and use it to publish the truth of God in this earth, at age 29 she has become famous around the world for exactly one thing, to wit, pimping for fag marriage.

This "musical darling of American conservatives," farm girl opened her blasphemous mouth while on tour in the vile United Kingdom, saying this: "As a married person myself, I don't know what it's like to be told I can't marry somebody I love, and want to marry. I can't imagine how that must feel. I definitely think we should all have the right to love, and love publicly, the people that we want to love." (See story in The Independent, 9 June 2012, "Carrie Underwood: US country queen speaks out for gay marriage – but how will conservative fans take it?")

Oh boy. So because of the story, Westboro Church now blames Carrie for a sick individual's sick act against the most innocent of beings … children. What a bunch of ass hats.  



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  1. Planmymistake

    I still don’t get why they blame Carrie for this. It’s totally unrelated things. Is she supposed to have angered God or something?? Surely there’s plenty of other things that could have angered him, there being, you know, 6 billion people on the planet and all?
    Either way their reasoning is ridiculous, it was some mentally adrift guy doing his mental thing and unfortunately resulting in this, the loss of innocent life.
    I think WBC were just trying to get in the media again because the connection between Carrie and the shootings is non-existent.
    Also – “vile United Kingdom”? 🙁 well, depends on where you go, ha.

  2. u2bacowbear@yahoo.com'

    When I first saw this somewhat blowing up on twitter the other day, I just scratched my head and asked, “Really”. This stuff should just be ignored because reporting about it or promoting it only creates more hits to the story. I was taken back that her own fans were tweeting about the story, again which would cause more people to note it. Anyway, yeah you may ask why am I even commenting about this. Only reason I felt compelled to comment is that I think that reporting this crap is very hurtful to Carrie. She seems to be very sensitive about issues such as this and I can’t even imagine what she would have thought when she saw those tweets which were directed at her. These people are nuts and have been protesting her concerts. While I agree with your article that those people are a bunch of ass hats, I probably would have not reported about it. Also of note, while Carrie has not been feeling well this past week, i.e. donation to charity relative to the one concert and canceling another due to illness, she has been noticeably absent from twitter right around the time this crap started surfacing that these nut cases were blaming her. While I respect your need to report on the goings on in the country music world, I would hope that this subject does not snowball. Again, I can only imagine how Carrie feels about being targeted by this group and blaming her for this terrible tragedy.
    p.s. I thoroughly enjoyed the article about Taylor Swift the other day, just saying.

  3. Shannon

    Annon, while I respect your opinion, you have to understand that as a blog writer trying to keep things interesting around here, I can’t always stick with the happy stories or the stories that are straight out of a press release. You’re right that Carrie seems very sweet and shouldn’t be subjected to these sorts of stories, but I’m not the one saying she’s responsible, I’m just the messenger. You know, don’t shoot the messenger and all that.
    I could stick with the happy sorts of stories, but that gets a little boring after a while. I agree that these crazy people at the Westboro Church don’t deserve a single bit of publicity but unfortunately it’s often the wackos of the world who make for the most interestingly off-the-wall stories.
    Besides, people need to see how crazy these people really are. Maybe someday they can have their rights to be called a church stripped. Doubtful but maybe.
    There are several petitions right now on the White House petition site (https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petitions) so anyone who wants to fight these nutcases, could go and sign one of those. Maybe something will be one.

  4. HardTruth

    The Bible makes it clear that disobeying God is sin. Sin is what causes anyone to be put into the eternal Lake of Fire. There is a deeper way to look at this. What was it that preceded all sin in the above cases? Pride includes the belief that I have the right to do WHATEVER I want to do IN SPITE OF GOD. In other words, sin is rejecting God’s authority over us, and this rejection starts within our hearts. Also, any methods used to try and justify rejection of God’s authority are evil also. This is precisely why atheism, agnosticism, witchcraft, homosexuality and the theory of evolution are evil, for some examples. They are all attempts at justifying our rejection of God’s authority, and justify our behavior that has exceeded their proper bounds. This is why a mostly “good” person can still end up in the eternal Lake of Fire. If they reject God’s authority in their life, they have already committed the greatest evil possible, and deserve to be punished by God. Sorry that truth offends, but it is what it is. God’s words do not change

  5. Shannon

    HardTruth – if Heaven is filled with closed minded bigots like the Westboro Baptist Church members who think it’s fun to picket the funerals of innocents and soldiers who died giving them the right to freely be assholes, then I’d much rather spend eternity in Hell with the rest of the sinful, unholy bastards of those who dared believe that God is about unconditional love and acceptance of all.

  6. homemade.sin@hotmail.com'

    I absolutely support WBC’s claim to free speech, it’s an unfortunate truth that you cannot have good without evil. Making any form of speech illegal will ultimately lead to a government rivaling that of George Orwells ‘1984’. I also support someone defending the ones that have lost their lives, and anything that happens to WBC, legal or not, will be justified.

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