Taylor Swift’s birthday fence-jumping, trespassing, love nugget has the best defense ever

Jacob Kulke
Remember Jacob Kulke, the cute little lovestruck fella who hopped a bus in Wisconsin last week and headed to Nashville in hopes of having a special rendezvous with Taylor Swift for her birthday and then ended up getting arrested after hopping the fence at a home reportedly owned by the birthday girl? 

Well slightly delusional Romeo, aka Mr. Kulke, was due in court today but the hearing was rescheduled for December 27th.

Jacob's lawyer, Sean McKinney, says that his client plans on pleading not guilty to the charges for various reasons, but his best defense by far has to be his fence defense. According to Jacob's lawyer, his client hopped the fence because it was too decorative and if it was meant to keep intruders out, it should have been more menacing.


From News Channel 5:

Kulke's attorney Sean McKinney spoke with NewsChannel 5 Wednesday, and said Kulke will plead not guilty during that hearing. He said Kulke believed he was heading to a private meeting with Swift at the Belle Meade home because of text messages and emails traded between him and someone he thought was the superstar.

"It's Mr. Kulke's contention that there was some kind of agreement where they could meet up, almost sounds like a Romeo and Juliet type thing," said McKinney. "It's definitely within the realm of possibility that it was a planned meeting."

Kulke's attorney says they're fighting the criminal trespassing charge because there weren't any "no trespassing" signs around the property, and he says the fence around the home wasn't an obvious enough sign to keep out.

"Usually a high wall can be an indication that a place is not open to the public, but this wall wasn't per se a barbed wire fence, it was more of a decorative wall," McKinney said.

Sadly, Kulke may soon have to leave the hometown of his one true love (Taylor) because a fugitive from justice warrant has been issued in Colorado for the lovesick fool due to a probation violation.

Come on, this all just sounds like a big misunderstanding thanks to a cruel hoaxster on Twitter. Taylor should see past the whole stalkerish feeling of the incident and visit Jacob in jail … or at least write a song about him. 

BTW, I think I will try robbing my local bank and when they arrest me I'll just tell them they should have had some barbed wire around their vault to warn me that I wasn't allowed to enter. It'll be my Taylor Swift fence defense. 

(Newschannel 5 / Photo courtesy WTSP)