Tay Humphrey Interview!

Taylor Humphrey is young, talented and good looking, however, not very well known….yet. I classify Taylor as true country music. When I first heard his new song "Like I Don't Love You" it reminded me of something I would hear back in the 90's(which is a good thing by the way, back then country was pure country.) I decided I would ask Tay some questions, that way I can say I was one of the first people to interview him before the fame came along!

How long have you been singing country music? I grew up listening to Country
Music with my grandma Raney, she used to make me sing with a hairbrush probably
around the age of 4 or 5. She introduced me to all the great country classics,
including my all time favorite country song "Everything that Glitters (is not
gold)" by Dan Seals.

Where is your favorite place to play? Right now I like to play anywhere! No
matter small or big any place is great to have people hear my music.

Who is currently your favorite country artist? I can't say I have a favorite, I
like a lot of songs and artist and there are so many. Right now in my IPOD is
Don Williams and Jamey Johnsons latest albums.

I heard you once tried bullriding, is this true? I didnt try. I was a bull rider
throughout middle school and onto High School Rodeo with PRCA. It was a big part
of my youth. I won 2nd place in my very first ride.

Do you think we will be hearing your music on the radio anytime soon? We should
be releasing a single to radio in early 2013! So definitely stay tuned!

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?  Hard
Working. Stubborn. Loyal.

 If you would like to hear more from Tay you can follow him on twitter @TayHumphrey.

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