Miranda Lambert is a hands-on shop owner


Miranda Lambert's Pink Pistol store in her adopted hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma seems like the it place to shop this year. 

I know I definitely want to visit someday. On a side note, I totally just typed Pink Lady but then that didn't sound right and I realized I was stuck in some sort of "Grease" flashback and retyped it correctly as Pink Pistol. Ooops. Yes, I'm in touch enough with my ditsy side that I can freely admit goofs like that. 

Anyhoo, Miranda opened her new very pink shop just after Thanksgiving and since then it sounds like business has been beyond good. Heck, Miranda's even had to give up most of her hunting this season because she's just too busy working in her shop. 

Well apart from being the shop's very busy owner, Miranda is also a very hands-on, dealing-with-customers-herself sort of gal. Check out this fun video of Miranda loading up a newlywed couple with goodies when they visit her on their wedding day.