Have You Seen Brad Paisley’s Awesome New Website?


As you may have gathered by the title, Brad Paisley has got himself an awesome new
. I got an email saying it was all done, and I have to say I’m
really impressed! The main page is kept simple (and I think sometimes the
problem with celebrity websites is overloading), and has ‘BRAD PAISLEY’ in big
letters, with an image underneath. The background is the sunset picture Brad
has been using to promote ‘Southern Comfort Zone’ and there is a silhouette of
Brad, his hat, and his guitar, falling off a cliff (willingly! No-pone pushed
him! Haha). That’s a pretty effective image in itself, until you scroll down,
and BRAD FALLS. HE FALLS. The guitar falls away from him and he falls away from
his hat. It’s awesome. So awesome

I am kind of fascinated, as you can tell. As for the rest of
the main page, there’s a changing billboard of various Brad-related stuff, then
Brad’s tweets, latest news and ‘community activity’ from the forums.
Everything’s laid out clearly but attractively and the rest of the pages on the
site are smooth, interactive, clean and modern. We keep the nice sunset theme

I’m no expert on websites and you make think “why are you
over-analysing this? It’s just a website”, but a website is everything these
days and I’m glad Brad has a great one as I’m a big fan. Plus it’s so annoying
when celebrity’s websites are difficult and ugly to use, and it’s a pain if you
need to find some info from it. Plus I think it’s worth visiting purely to
watch Brad slowly (or quickly) fall from a cliff. It’s just awesome.

My only gripe is that because of this the website takes a
little while to load properly, and actually freezes my computer for 30 seconds
or so (which is quite a long time if you think about it). I thought it might be
my internet connection or computer but with certain websites this happens no
matter what your computer or internet connection, as I’ve discovered to my
annoyance. I don’t think it happens every time you visit though so give it a

Again, here’s the link,
enjoy 😉

Posted by Vickye (Guest Writer).
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