Frank Foster – Louisiana’s Best!


Frank Foster is Louisiana's best kept secret. He is true country music to its core. His music has a true country sound and his voice is unique. When I hear music like Frank Foster's it makes me proud to be part of the country music family, as a fan and as a writer. Frank grew up listening to legends like Waylon & Hank. He picked up his first guitar when he was in college and his first show was at a local bar in front of a hundred people. Frank's biggest crowd has been about 3,000 and he enjoys playing in Alabama, Louisiana and Texas. Frank also does some shows down in Mississippi. He moved to Tennessee to be closer to the music scene and seems to be doing great. He is an independent artist and is pretty happy with the way things are. He just put out his second album back in September titled "Redwings & Sixstrings" but one of his favorite tracks is "Dirt Road" which is on his first album. Frank has a special bond with that song and it's very personal to him. Frank Foster may not be a household name just yet, but he should  be. If this is the future of country music, then I can't wait. I hope you guys enjoy his music as much as I do.

You can visit Frank's website at or follow him on twitter @TheFrankFoster.



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    Don Johnston

    I work with Franks uncle and had a chance to see an meet him for the first time a few weeks ago, very down to earth as is his wife, great people. I also wound up the Pabst Blue Ribbon guitar you see in his videos (Thanks Topher!!)
    Anyone that has not had a chance to see him live should definitely mark it on their calendar to treat themselves to a great show.
    It’s nice to hear country brought back to the roots, like Frank says “They put “pop” in my country and that ain’t right”.
    Don J.

    Teffany White

    Great music .. love all your songs and look forward to new ones ..

    Julian yerena

    I cant get enough of his music .

    Pamela Sellers

    Frank your an awesome singer and I love to hear your music. Its down home kind of music that makes me take trips back in time. From the first time I heard your music until now I love to hear you sing. You have a natural talent and you have made it to the top. Keep up the good work and Godspeed!
    Much Love and Respect…..

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