Emmylou Harris being investigated for hit and run

Emmylou Harris YouTube
The gray-haired beauty that is Emmylou Harris is unfortunately in a bit of trouble in California. 

According to TMZ, back in October someone allegedly hit a car on the Los Angeles freeway and then took off. Now we've learned that the someone being investigated is none other than Emmylou Harris. 

Law enforcement sources tell us … the alleged incident occurred on October 1 at around 10:00 PM.  They say Emmylou was driving a rental car on the 405 Freeway when she struck a car and took off without stopping or exchanging info.

We're told the CHP opened a hit and run investigation after the other driver filed a report.  The investigation is now complete and we're told the file was sent to the D.A., who will decide if the country legend should be prosecuted.

Luckily no one was injured in the accident and Emmylou's rep says it was just "minor traffic accident," adding "she unintentionally rubbed bumpers with another vehicle," something that, "happens everyday on the 405."

Which is probably true, but it's still against the law to take off without exchanging info anytime property damage occurs. Emmylou has apparently turned the matter over to her insurance company.

Since no one was hurt it seems kind of silly to be talking about prosecution, but I guess breaking the law is breaking the law no matter how minor the incident.

So does this mean I should stop playing bumper tag with people who piss me off in traffic? Nahhhh.   

(TMZ / photo courtesy YouTube)

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