Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines to release solo album, “Mother,” May 7, 2013


Not sure how Dixie Chicks fans are going to take this one … Natalie Maines of Dixie Chicks fame is releasing a solo rock album next year. 

Back in July, I had mentioned a tweet that Natalie Maines had sent out that said she was working on a solo album. 

The conversation: 

@1NatalieMaines Natalie, do you have any plans to release a solo album? Please say yes! 🙂

@augustblue Yes. I'm 8 songs deep making one right now. Hopefully a spring release.

After months of hearing nothing else about it, I wondered if maybe she was just joking at the time. Now comes word, however, that her album is officially finished and is being released this spring. 

On Wednesday, Natalie tweeted: "Happy Natalie Maines Finished Her Album Day everybody!" 

Then a day later, she tweeted: "Good news!I made some calls and had them push the end of the world to sometime after the release of my album, #Mother 5/7/13.You're welcome."

Using fake Mayan prophesy for album promotion. Funny. 

The title "Mother" more than likely comes from the Pink Floyd song by the same name, a song she spent a lot of time this summer covering in concert (see video above) with musician Ben Harper who also happens to be producing Natalie's new album. She also recorded the song for the documentary about the West Memphis Three, "West of Memphis: Voices of Justice." 

If you're stressing about the Dixie Chicks never getting back together, the trio will be performing this summer for at least one show (at Craven), so hopefully there's still some hope for the future.