Did Dolly Parton really flash Roseanne Barr in a restaurant?

Well here's a story to LOL uncomfortably at.  

Comedienne Jennifer Saunders was recently being interviewed by British talk show host Graham Norton when she told a fun story about how Dolly Parton once flashed her and Roseann Barr to show off her tattooed breasts. 

Saunders says, "I was in a restaurant with Roseanne Barr. Dolly was there and talking about tattoos. She winked at us and said, 'This will go no further' and then undid her top and there were her t**s and she has the most exquisite tattoos – angels and butterflies.

"They are the most divine, Titian like drawings… I kid you not. Although I did wake up in the morning and thought that couldn't have happened. But it did. It was one of the strangest evenings ever."

I wondered about the truthfulness of this story so I went looking to see if there was anything else on the net about. Funny enough, just about a year ago Roseanne Barr visited the always funny Craig Ferguson and told a story about how Dolly Parton has pretty pastel tattoos all over her body. She doesn't mention anything about Dolly's breasts or how she knows that Dolly's tattooed all over, but with two people saying very similar things about Dolly being a tattooed lady, I'm going to go ahead and say, "Cool."

You can actually see one of Dolly's tattoos in this picture which just happens to be on her cleavage.