Jana Kramer and Brantley Gilbert reportedly buy house together in Nashville, reveal first joint Christmas card

Photo courtesy OMG! Yahoo How cute is this Christmas pic? Jana Kramer and Brantley Gilbert apparently found the one mall in this big ol' country of ours whose Santa is a…

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Hunter Hayes’ ‘Somebody’s Heartbreak’ Is First Live Video – Review


This is a bit late, I know. Not my fault this time.

Hunter Hayes has had a pretty good year. His second single
off his self-titled debut album on a major record label, ‘Wanted’, has so far
garnered sales of nearly 2 million, he won a CMA for Best New Artist, and he’s
just been nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist also. So maybe his record
label thought it would be a good idea to release the video for his new single,
‘Somebody’s Heartbreak’ as a live video. Oh dear.

Live videos have always been a feature of music videos in
all genres, as they’re cheap, easy and show the act’s live prowess, often a
‘test’ of true artist authenticity, depending on the genre of course. Generally
within modern country music they feature as the video for the last single from
an album, for successful acts that’s usually fourth or fifth, as with Taylor
Swift, etc.

However, this is only Hunter’s third single from this album,
and with ‘Wanted’ being such a big hit, it almost feels like his second.
Certainly I think this was far too early in the album cycle and his career to
consider a live video. He is a big artist and therefore will no doubt have
about five singles, so this feels a little weird in his cinematic progress.
Live videos are meant to say “I had all these songs out, they did really well,
now look at my amazing tour and how good I am doing it all live, people are
lapping this stuff up”. Perhaps I’m a little cynical. But I feel like I want
more new visual material from someone like Hunter before I get him trying to
prove his prowess in the live field. Perhaps his record company are trying to
promote him as a live act, perhaps they are selling less tickets than expected.
However, I find that hard to believe, as he is supporting Carrie Underwood, who
is kind of a little bit popular.


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LeAnn Rimes responds to X Factor criticism

LeAnn Rimes broke her silence earlier today after the rumor started going around last night and this morning that she may possibly have been a wee bit snockered at last night's "X Factor" finale when she dueted with 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar. 

The performance was definitely odd and it seemed that LeAnn might have forgotten the words and notes she was supposed to be singing at various times throughout the song.

Most of America probably just snickered a bit and then moved on to bigger and better things and would have forgotten about the whole story by now if it weren't for a pesky followup that's now popped up. 

TMZ allegedly spoke with LeAnn's rep this morning who told them that LeAnn was "NOT impaired and if there was any awkwardness it was only because she was trying to help this 13-year-old girl who was having some trouble with the song."


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Was LeAnn Rimes drunk during her X Factor performance last night?

Last night I had video of Little Big Town and LeAnn Rimes performing with contestants on day one of "The X Factor's" finale. Almost immediately people started coming to NashvilleGab searching for LeAnn Rimes drunk or other similar search terms. I thought that was a little odd. I had watched the video of LeAnn and had thought her performance was a little off and her voice didn't sound in tip top shape, but drunk?

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