Man accused of shooting country karaoke singing son goes to trial

William Carr Oller Sr.
Photo of William Carr Oller Sr. via LA Times

Oh yay, gotta love a good trial.

Back in January, I told you about the California man who was accused of shooting his son. The reason for the shooting was that the 50-year-old son, William Carr Jr., wouldn’t quit singing country music on his karaoke machine and visit with his father.

The father, William Carr Oller Sr., 70, told police that his son wouldn’t shut up and stop singing so he went out to his pickup and grabbed a pistol with the intention of scaring his son into shutting up.

A fight ensued between the two and both ended up shot by the time police showed up. The son and the father both made a full recovery, although I have a feeling their relationship was probably not so lucky.

Now the senior Carr is charged with attempted murder and on Tuesday was ordered to stand trial.

Aaron Williams, the father’s attorney, argued there was no evidence showing the shooting was intentional, saying because both men were shot his client could have been acting in self defense. His client, who faces a potential life sentence if convicted, is due back in court at the end of the month.

The younger Oller attended the Tuesday hearing, saying afterward he wished his father “the best” and hoped the district attorney’s office would not pursue the matter.

“But that’s up to the D.A.,” he told The Record.

So what song was the son singing that threw his father into such a bullet-flinging tizzy? Well that’s still a mystery.

“Maybe it will come out in trial,” attorney Aaron Williams said.

You know darn well if it was Taylor Swift the son wouldn’t stop singing, no jury in the land’s going to convict this man.