Kellie Pickler sounds understandably angry about label split

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Have you ever noticed when a singer splits with their record label they always make it sound like it’s not a big deal?

Kellie Pickler definitely isn’t like every other singer.  Girl’s got some issues with how Sony treated her last album ‘100 Proof’.

As she should!

Kellie recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about how proud she is and was of ‘100 Proof’ and how this is the first album that was really her and how Sony chose to not promote it at all.

Well, it wasn’t promoted. When my album came out, I didn’t even have a song out on the radio. Nobody does that. [The label was] spread thin. When I was making my record, the CEO left. He retired. They brought in Gary [Overton]. My A&R left. They brought in somebody else. I went through four heads of promotion when my record was coming out. The only consistency was inconsistency.

Recording this album, to be honest — and I don’t mind saying this — the process was hell. We couldn’t agree on songs. The thing is, my life is a country song. I don’t need to be manufactured, and I don’t need anyone to tell me what to say or what to sing.

Sounds like Sony wasn’t maybe ready for a truly classic country Kellie and were looking for a more mainstream Kellie. Oh well, their loss. As for her next move, Kellie tells EW that she’s weighing the big labels against the small labels and is more drawn to the independent labels.

I’ve thought about the major labels versus the more independent ones. The ones that actually can probably do more for you. They have more to prove. [You want] to sign with someone that is about the music and gets you.

Good for Kellie. Maybe she’ll find a new record label who will appreciate her and let her do things her way. Check out Kellie’s entire interview here.