Miranda Lambert and Danica Patrick make the local news (video)

Miranda FGIT video shoot
For being a secret, Miranda Lambert‘s video shoot for Fastest Girl In Town hasn’t been very secret.

That’s life in the digital age I suppose.

The local news caught up with the video shoot in Dickson, Tennessee, right across the street from the Piccadilly Club on Highway 70 (map) for all you locals, and caught a quick glimpse of Miranda and now not-so-secret-guest-star Danica Patrick.

The news spoke to a few of the locals who had gathered to watch the making of the video. Some were excited to see Miranda, some were excited to see Danica, and one lady was just disappointed Blake wasn’t there.

Now that’s my kinda woman.

The producer confirmed the video was for The Fastest Girl in Town and described the video as more of a film concept than a performance video.

Check out the video below.  If that doesn’t work, you can watch it on WSMV.com.