Meet the beautiful lady from Kenny Chesney’s sexy “Come Over” video

Lady from Kenny Chesney videoKenny Chesney’s new video for Come Over is a steamy one, which leaves a lot of people wondering just who the leading lady in the video is.

There has been a lot of traffic coming to the site searching specifically for this bit of trivia so I’ve been searching on and off trying since the video came out to find out just who she is. Last night I got lucky and came across her info.

According to Kiss Country 93.7, her name is Courtney McCann. She’s a 26-year-old Los Angeles based model with l.a. models who says about herself in a modeling profile:

I am a Model 🙂 on off for about six years.

I’ve been fortunate to work in Germany, Paris, Milan, New York, Miami, but I’m primarily based in Los Angeles and New York.

My life is full of art and music, creative minds, amazing food, being outdoors and having the company of my closest friends.

You can find some modeling photos of her on Google images. She also has a Twitter and Facebook account but you’ll have to do a little net detective work if you want those since I don’t want to be directly responsible for any cyber-stalking.

Now that you know who she is, check out Courtney one more time in Kenny’s hot new video.