Guess the Gams — oooh, my feet hurt edition

Guess who had some foot torture going on

Now see, this is why I stick with tennis shoes. My feet don’t look like that unless my socks bunch up inside my shoes.

Well that and I tend to have trouble NOT falling and breaking my neck if I wear heels.

This lovely country lady is used to wearing fancy shoes, but that doesn’t mean her feet don’t suffer for it.  She posted this photo to her twitter saying: Tonight’s shoe torture! 

Give up? Find out who’s been torturing her tootsies here.


Billy Ray tells us why he did it

Billy Ray Cyrus recently twerked his way through Achy Breaky 2, the rap remix of his two-decade old hit (and butt of many a joke) Achy Breaky Heart.
Okay, Billy Ray didn’t actually twerk, but many of the half-naked aliens around him did.
Despite some of his long-time fans being angry at this newest musical turn of events, Billy Ray says he’s just having fun … oh, and taking his daughter, twerker-extraordinaire, Miley Cyrus’ advice.

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