Dierks Bentley’s Airstream gets a makeover with the help of the Junk Gypsies

Dierks Bentley's Airstream

I have this dream of one day buying an Airstream, having it redecorated all girly and fluffy and pink, placing it on my property here with a lovely rock walkway, and making it my completely awesome office/girls-only club.


That’s why every time I see one of these airstream renovations that the Junk Gypsy Company does for one star or another it makes me salivate a bit.

I’ve mentioned the gals of Junk Gypsy several times before.  They did the awesome country decorations for Miranda and Blake’s wedding, they have their own show on HGTV, and they once long ago redid Miranda’s Airstream for her “Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars” Tour many moons ago.

They. Are. Awesome! Recently they got the chance to renovate an airstream for Dierks Bentley for their TV show on HGTV.  If you missed that episode (like I did since I don’t have that channel) then GAC has you covered because they have tons of pictures from the renovation.  Check them all out here.


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  1. pattygregg61@yahoo.com'

    What was the price of the make over, I ask because I am in a remake and my money is running out fast,


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