Dierks Bentley introduces us to his pontoon boat….shirtlessly

In this week’s DBTV, we get to meet Dierks’ pontoon boat, The Grizzled Veteran.  Now let me show you in pictures the best reasons to watch this video.

Dierks introduces fans to his pontoon boat….shirtless.

shirtless Dierks

Dierks smiles….shirtless.

shirtless Dierks 2

Dierks holds a beer….shirtless.
shirtless Dierks 3

Dierks does some heavy lifting….shirtless.

Shirtless Dierks 4

Then there’s these people….all shirtless.

shirtless Dierks 5

Dierks shows off the nonworking features of his pontoon boat….shirtless.

shirtless Dierks 6

And a shirtless one for the guys.

Shirtless Dierks 7

And then there’s this guy diving….shirtless.

shirtless Dierks 8
And then there’s this guy lying like some sun-stroked Greek God of Summer…shirtless. 

Shirtless Dierks 9

All leading to this….not shirtless but beautiful.

Shirtless Dierks 10

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