Kellie Pickler’s cat is not dead, just re-homed

Kellie Pickler and cats
Kellie Pickler, Pickles the cat, Moo Moo the pooch, and Boots the snake

Pickles the cat was a very important part of Kellie Pickler’s life when she first made her foray into the country world and had been with Kellie since 2006.  Then Pickles just sort of disappeared.  No more interviews mentioning him, no more photos, nada.

Then back in March of 2010 I thought the mystery had been solved….Pickles had died.

Or did he?

During an interview in Charlotte, NC, where Kellie was in town to perform for St. Jude’s, she mentioned that her cat had recently died.

When she’s away from home she misses her animals.  Her cat recently died and it showed how much she loves animals when Larry Sprinkle walked into the studio with this week’s Tailwagger.  It’s a cat named Lewis.

It didn’t mention which cat had died and so since Pickles had been M.I.A., I assumed they meant him.  I was sad but I managed to somehow move on and forget the whole incident.

Skip ahead to 2012 and had a story about Kellie’s cat Pickles and how he’s totally not dead, just given to a new family due to Kellie’s husband’s severe cat allergy.

“I love Kyle, he’s my best friend,” the country star told PEOPLE at the New York City unveiling of a cat sweater to benefit the ASPCA. “The only complaint that I would have with my husband is that I had to give up my cat.”

Pickler’s cat, Pickles, had been with the singer since 2006, when she wrapped American Idol. “I adopted him from an animal shelter out in Tennessee,” she said. “He was my best friend. He went with me everywhere.”

“My husband’s allergic to everything – he’s, like, allergic to air,” she explained. “So, unfortunately, I had to find my cat Pickles a home with a family back in North Carolina.”

Wow, it only took two years to figure out the Pickles mystery. At least it was a happy ending – Kellie got to keep her man and Pickles got a stable new home out of the spotlight.

Long live Pickles the once famous feline.