Blake Shelton makes an unlikely cameo

Blake Shelton in Cady Groves video

So, have you heard of Cady Groves yet?

Yeah, me either, which is odd since I’ve constantly got my nose buried in music websites.

Well the girl’s apparently got fans in high places because she just released her new, very un-country music video for This Little Girl, and it’s got a cameo from none other than Blake Shelton.

Blake plays the part of a greasy tow truck driver who is worried about little Cady being out on a darkened street late at night all alone (where she just happens to be because she’s stalking her boyfriend).

Cady once said in an interview while describing herself, “If Miranda Lambert, Paramore, The Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift all had a less-talented baby — that would be me,” so maybe Blake loved the quote?

I guess rather than questioning the how and why, we should just enjoy the view.  Blake shows up at about the 1:32 mark.

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