Impress your friends by owning the coolest piece of Miranda Lambert memorabilia ever

Miranda Lambert Airstream

Miranda Lambert does things a little differently than most.  Where most stars tour with busses, Ms. Lambert likes to go the Airstream route.

If you haven’t seen pictures of Miranda’s personal Airstream, it’s definitely worth the time checking it out because it’s totally badass! Check it out here.

Well when you have a cool Airstream that follows you around on tour then you definitely need something equally as cool to pull it.

Those trailers don’t drive themselves, you know.

So what does someone like Miranda do when she’s in need of a vehicle?  She goes to her local Chevy dealer and hits ’em up.

Back in 2010, Miranda visited Tishomingo Chevy (Miranda and Blake live in Tishomingo, OK) and told them what she needed.

“She’s got a ranch here,” said Ken LaFevers of Tishomingo Chevrolet, “and she asked if we would provide a truck to tow her personal Airstream trailer.”

The generous car lot came through with a customized 2008 Chevy Silverado Z71.  They added nice wheels, an updated exhaust system, and a brush guard, but the icing on the cake was the vinyl wrap (which is removable) on the side announcing to the world just who the truck and trailer were for.

Now that Miranda’s tour to promote her “Revolution” CD is over, the pickup’s for sale and one lucky Miranda fan could have the coolest piece of tour memorabilia imaginable.  Miranda even signed the headliner inside the truck.

Despite being for sale, after talking with Ken myself this morning I found out that the truck’s actually still out there on the road pulling Miranda’s trailer as we speak.

Maybe if you buy it, Miranda’s team could deliver it right to your door for you.  Yeah, good luck with that, but we can all dream.

The pickup’s been for sale for a while now and the dealership would really like to sell it, but it’s a specialty item so it’s going to take the right buyer.

“There’s a butt for every seat,” Ken told Auto Trader recently, adding, “this truck is a piece of Country Music history.”

If you’re in the market for a cool pickup with an awesome history (and for sale for less than 20 grand) then hit Ken up at Tishomingo Chevrolet at either their website or by phone at 866-906-3030 and tell him Shannon sent you – not that it will get you a discount or anything, I’ve just always wanted to say that.

You can also check out a bunch more pictures on Auto Trader here.

Miranda Lambert pickup