Taylor Swift’s bodyguards mistakenly think she’s more important than she is

TAYLOR SWIFT - 1989 Album Promos

 Taylor Swift is one hot commodity and when she goes anywhere in public the cameras automatically come out.  Come on, even if you don’t like Taylor I bet you’d be whipping out your cell phone to snap a picture if you seen her walking down the street. So why in the world would her bodyguards yell at anyone trying to take a picture of their famous client?

Well fear not, Taylor’s security fellas didn’t yell at a fan, in fact they yelled at someone who wasn’t at all interested in Taylor, which kind of makes them look even more assholish then if they had yelled at a fan.

See Taylor played a concert in in Philadelphia last night.  Yesterday, long before concert time, a photographer was at a Center City hotel where Taylor also happened to be.  Her security goons yelled at the photographer for some odd reason.  Only problem was, he didn’t care one bit about Taylor – he was actually there taking pictures of a cardboard cutout of the Phillie Phanatic (the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball team mascot) for a promotion that the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation was running called Phanatic Around Town.

Phillie Phanatic


We all know that Taylor’s a big star, now if her peeps can just realize the world doesn’t in fact revolve around her, we might all be able to live in peace.

{via Philly.com}

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