Warning, this post contains a Blake Shelton butt shot among other disgusting things


Can you ever overshare via Twitter?  A couple of days ago I would have probably said no.  Well Craig Morgan has officially made me a believer that a person CAN definitely overshare on Twitter. 

I warn you, you will be disturbed if you head over to look at the picture Craig posted of Blake Shelton up in a treestand while hunting. Why you ask?  Well let’s just say it will answer that burning question you’ve probably asked…what happens when you have to go to the bathroom while 15 feet up in the air in a treestand.

Trust me, it’s NOT pretty.  Check out Craig’s picture here, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Frogmen in the Morning asked Miranda Lambert about the picture yesterday morning. Check out what she had to say below. You can also check out the whole interview on K-Frog’s website, part 1, part 2, part 3 

UPDATE:  I’ve been told multiple times that the infamous treestand picture isn’t actually of Blake’s ass. I’ve never seen Blake’s ass personally so I can’t tell you from experience if it is or not, all I can tell you is that Craig Morgan posted it as Blake’s so I guess we just have to take his word for it.