So could this be Kenny with Amy Colley?

Amy Colley

Quite a while back I had a post about Kenny with a blonde.  Now that I’ve seen a picture of Amy Colley, I’m curious if the blonde could be her.  What do you think?

Oh, and no, I’m not the one who misspelled Kenny’s name.

Kenny Chesney and girl 2 Kenny Chesney and girl

Update:  I’ve been told the girl in the pictures above (not the very top one, the bottom two) is 20-year-old Lisa-Marie Kohrs.  I Googled her and she appears to be a model, but other than that I have no clue who she is.  X17 has some pictures of a Lisa-Marie Kohrs who was caught on the beach with Lindsay Lohan’s ex so I assume that’s the same person.  But then again then there’s a Lisa-Marie Kohrs who is also a college tennis player.  Maybe the girl above was just a girl Kenny talked to at a bar, heck I don’t know.  I only have the name because of the comments and then an email I received.  The email said Kenny’s also dating her, but really who knows.  Maybe if someone wanted to send me some pics of Kenny with his girlfriend(s)…

Here’s the real Amy and Kenny…

Kenny Chesney in magazine