Dolly on the cover of Playboy ranks tops

Dolly Parton donned the iconic bunny ears for the October 1978 cover of Playboy and now Fox News has named it their #4 favorite cover.  They say:

Here she comes again, and here we go. Dolly graced Playboy in full bunny attire: tail, ears, and double-Ds. That same year she won a Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance. We’re thinking the provocative cover boosted her career more than the award did.

The covers that made the list are:

10. Barbra Streisand, October 1977 *
9. Madonna, September 1985 *
8. Sally Field, March 1986 *
7. Burt Reynolds, October 1979 *
6. Joan Collins, December 1983 *
5. Farrah Fawcett, December 1978 *
4. Dolly Parton, October 1978 *
3. Sharon Stone, July 1990 *
2. Ann-Margret, October 1983 *
1. Raquel Welch, December 1979 *

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