Chuck Wicks Returns to Morning Show Studio Following Car Accident


Three weeks ago, the hosts and Executive Producer of the Ty, Kelly & Chuck Morning Show were in a terrifying car accident as they traveled from Mississippi to Louisiana. While Ty Bentli, Kelly Ford, and Glenn Johnson were able to return to work immediately, thankfully suffering only minor injuries, Chuck Wicks has remained out of commission…

Until today.

Sporting a neck brace and limited mobility, Wicks stepped foot into his home studio for the first time since the wreck, walking into an area prepared with a bit of love and a lot of humor. Watch the video of Wicks making his return below. We guarantee you will be “bubbling” over with laughter and “wrapped” with happiness!

Welcome back, Chuck! You’ve been missed!

Chuck is back in the studio for the FIRST time in weeks, and we prepared it well for him!!

Posted by Ty, Kelly & Chuck on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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