Is Blake Throwing Shade at Miranda on His New Tour?


Some keen-eyed Blake Shelton fans noticed that the singer is using some rather interesting imagery during his new tour, and the pics are shown on screen during one song in particular. While the photos found on Twitter aren’t the clearest, it looks very likely that Blake is having his way with pictures during “She’s Got A Way With Words.”

In the photos, there’s a trashed room, packed suitcase, broken guitar, cigarettes, beer bottles…sure looks like a lot of “vices” to us…

Ah, and we thought these two could play nice. What do you think? Is Blake throwing shade at Miranda on his new tour?


  1.' Rhonda Thacker September 16, 2016
  2.' Maren September 18, 2016
    •' Sue September 19, 2016
  3.' Sue September 19, 2016

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