Scotty McCreery – From Country Artist to Book Author


Scotty McCreery

If anyone understands the phrase “go big or go home,” it’s Scotty McCreery. The country artist who went from high school pitching stud to Season 10’s American Idol winner does nothing on a small scale, and now, Scotty is ready to take his talents to another arena.

Scotty will be releasing his first book, Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward a Dream, on May 3, 2016 with Zondervan. The book will chronicle Scotty’s musical journey, from his childhood when he would imitate Elvis on a school bus to his championship run on Fox’s hit reality television singing competition to his growing country music career.

God gave me a voice and America gave me a chance. This book is about those two things, and about the amazing journey that began the moment I decided to say two words about this show I knew and loved. “Why not?”

Go Big or Go Home will be available for pre-order on November 15th, with additional book details to come in the near future. Will you be reading Scotty’s book? Let us know what you are most looking forward to learning about his journey!

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20 responses to “Scotty McCreery – From Country Artist to Book Author”

  1.' Deb says:

    Scotty’s an amazing singer and even more amazing human being — can’t wait to pre-order his book on November 15! #FanSinceAmericanIdol

  2.' Pam says:

    I will definitely buy this one. Big fan of his music. Will love reading his story too.

  3.' cathy says:

    Can’t wait to pre-order it on Nov 15th…..Just love Scotty ,and everything about him !!!!!!

    •' Sue says:

      I am very excited for Scotty (and his fans!) this upcoming year! A new album and a new book! Everything Scotty does is top notch and I have no doubt that his book will not disappoint!

  4.' Mary H says:

    how exciting for Scotty – he never ceases to amaze his McCreerians. This will definitely be a pre-order for me

  5.' Betty says:

    Look forward to reading Scotty’s book, Go Big or Go Home. I have followed Scotty since his first appearance on American Idol. Watching him grow as an artist and as a person has been amazing. I cannot wait to read in his own words about his dreams and his journey.

  6.' Sandy says:

    Awesome news..can’t wait to pre-order for self,family and friends! We support him 120% in everything he does.

  7.' Betty says:

    What great news! Love everything Scotty and can’t wait to read this book.

  8.' Liz says:

    I can’t wait to read Scotty’s book. He is a man of many talents…..very excited !!

  9.' Carol says:

    Another facet of this very, very talented young man….can’t wait for all the details.

  10.' Sharon Jiles says:

    So proud of everything Scotty McCreery has accomplished! He’s an amazingly talented young man with a wonderful heart! I cannot wait to read, own, and gift this very special book!

  11.' Eleanor Raynovich says:

    Scotty Is My Favorite Male Country Singer Looking Forward To Getting His Book

  12. I loved Scotty at the moment I heard his voice on his first audition on American Idol.
    I cheered him on and voted over and over every week that Season of Idol. I’ve been to 10 concerts and I’ve had about 7 or 8 Meet and Greets. He is the nicest down to earth person. Every show I watch is better and better. He can sing and I hate seeing every show I go to, end. I’m looking so forward to his book. I want the best for this fine young man! When God made Scotty, he did a perfectible job.

  13.' Bob says:

    What a surprise . So proud of everything that Scotty has done. So excited to get the book.

  14.' Vera J says:

    WOW! I never expected a book from Scotty! What an amazing young man! He is an awesome singer/songwriter, & now an author—-doesn’t get much better then that! A very proud McCreerian who can’t wait to order his book. ?

  15.' J Daniels says:

    What an exciting surprise!!! I have always loved Scotty’s ability to tell his stories in song and now he is giving us his stories in this book “Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward A Dream”. I even love this title….it is so characteristic of Scotty’s outlook on life. May God continue to bless this incredible young man.

  16.' Judy says:

    Scotty McCreery is an awesome Christian young man. That alone makes him a very likable person. He is the type person who has been raised by his parents to live right, be true to God & family and know they are supporting him with him career. As is his sister. YES, I will buy his book. I’m so thankful that he won American Idol. He’s the best winner they ever in my opinion.

  17.' Elise Johnson says:

    This announcement today about Scotty McCreery releasing a book next year was such a wonderful surprise! It is a “must have” for me!! It will be fascinating to learn some things about this young man’s amazing journey before, during and since American Idol from his own perspective. He is on a God-ordained path. I love stories that encourage and inspire, and this book is sure to do both!! So excited to get this!!

  18.' Al says:

    can’t wait to preorder this book.Scotty is amazing!

  19.' Mary Grace says:

    Such exciting news and what a thrill it will be to see Scotty’s journey from a very young Elvis fan to a recording artist and consummate live performer through his own eyes and in his own words! Wow Scotty you never cease to amaze me.

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