Miranda Lambert’s Next Single is…


While “Automatic” and “Somethin’ Bad” were huge hits for Miranda Lambert, her most recent release from Platinum, “Smokin’ and Drinkin’,” stalled out on the country charts. Now, the singer has revealed what song from Platinum will be released next, and it’s one the fans have been asking for.

According to Twitter, Miranda revealed during her live show that her next single will be the sassy and relatable “Bathroom Sink.” The track, written by Lambert, is expected to hit country radio in November.

Lambert spoke to Billboard about the track, revealing:

I feel like on every record I’ve got one of those scary ones that I wrote by myself, so I can’t blame it on anybody else. It’s scary for the rawness, and for the emotion in it. It’s kind a like, ‘should I put this on there, should I not?’ because it’s just, ‘here I am, here’s me.’ It’s one of those where your mom says, ‘gosh, this makes me sad,’ and that’s exactly what she said. But it’s just real, just a real moment. I don’t’ live there, but it’s a real moment that you go through. Everybody does. I wrote it on a plane by myself headed to a show. It’s just one of those moments in time, and I am proud of it. I take a lot of pride in writing by myself, because I feel like sometimes its so easy to write with all these amazing writers, it’s so easy to lean on them for better lines than you can come up with. But sometimes it’s important to just sit down with a guitar and write a song by your damn self, to make sure you still can, for one thing.



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