12 Times the Band Perry Was the Ultimate #SquadGoals


When it comes to singing families, there are very few as exciting, adorable and downright squad-worthy as the Band Perry. From their glorious locks to their newfound love of yellow, there is no denying that these singing siblings are the ultimate squad goals.

While their music is great and their stage show superb, there’s just something about this trio that makes us want them to adopt us into their crew.

Here are 12 times that Kimberly, Reid and Neil proved they were the ultimate in squad goals.

1. When they posed for a Christmas card was so nerdy it was adorable.


2. When they showed off their love of donuts.


3. When they each had teeny doll versions of themselves that were ridiculously cute.


4. When they hung out with the Target dog, while you only hung out at Target.


5. When they…’Merica.


6. When they posted this #TBT.


7. When they tried to look mean, but just looked like hat models.


8. When they laid on the grass better than anyone else ever laid on the grass.


9. When they dressed like they just stepped off the set of Once Upon A Time.


10. When they took their sibling squad overseas.


11. When they showed their love of Peeps.


12. When they made the best joke ever.


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