Trace Adkins accused of carrying on a Twitter flirtation (and possibly more) with actress

Trace Adkins wife

And now the rumors begin …

The news that Trace Adkins' wife, Rhonda, had filed for divorce last month after 17 years together was a surprise to most fans. I think people just assumed that Trace's relapse and trip to rehab after years of sobriety had played a large part in the decision to separate, but now it looks like another woman might be at least partly to blame. 

Radar Online is reporting that Trace met actress Victoria Pratt while filming The Virginian last year and that the two ended up taking their working relationship (Pratt starred as Molly while Trace played the title character) onto Twitter where they continued flirting. 

Back in March, Pratt had tweeted: “Gave Trace Adkins a sponge bath at work today…I owe the universe big time! #best job ever.”

Yeah, I have to agree that would definitely be one of the best jobs ever. RadarOnline just says Pratt tweeted this in March, but I'm assuming the sponge bath took place during a movie scene that the pair were shooting which means it would have been March of last year. 

You can see Trace and Pratt together in The Virginian's movie trailer here. And here's a still from that trailer. 

Trace Adkins victoria pratt the virginian

At another point, Trace reportedly tweeted “My Old Lady just gave me a mean look,” to which Pratt responded, “Bahaha!! You’re lucky that’s all she gave you!!!”

According to the report, just five days after that tweet the actress was Trace's guest backstage while the singer performed at Stage Coach in California. 

Here's the pic Pratt posted to Twitter with a remark about the pretty good seats.

Trace stage coach pratt

Definitely a nice view. 

Victoria was also a big supporter of Trace when he was on Celebrity Apprentice and tweeted to him several times during his time there. Here's a picture she posted that was captioned with: LOVING @TraceAdkins ice cream!! You know Canucks love maple! Go get yours at #Walgreens and support the cowboy!

Trace ice cream victoria pratt

Radar's story goes into more detail, but I won't go into those myself. I just hope all of this is lots of speculation mixed in with a little innocent flirting because … ugh. 

If not and Trace really did get mixed up with another woman while married, then I hope Rhonda takes him to the cleaners. 

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