SeaWorld rounds up another country singer to perform for Bands, Brew & BBQ

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Just as I thought, SeaWorld is keeping the acts for their annual Bands, Brew & BBQ under tight wraps until right before showtime in the hopes of keeping the uproar to a minimum. They definitely seem to have learned after all the trouble they had with artists refusing to perform due to the outcry from the documentary Blackfish

Last weekend, they managed to get Alan Jackson and Kid Rock to perform with little fuss. There were petitions (and a bunch of fans bugging Wynonna to try and talk them out of performing), but all in all there didn't seem to be as much trouble as there had been previously and things seem to have gone off without a hitch. 

Now, just a couple of days before the next Bands, Brew & BBQ, SeaWorld Orlando has announced their next two stars who will perform – Gretchen Wilson and comedian Bill Engvall.

Wilson will perform Saturday at 4 p.m. and Blue Collar Comedian himself, Bill Engvall, will take the stage on Sunday at 4 p.m.

Fans can find out more info about the Bands, Brew & BBQ event and purchase tickets here. 


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