Wynonna Judd shows us her jazz hands on “Dancing With The Stars” premiere


Wynonna DWTS
She's no Kellie Pickler, but Wynonna Judd definitely gets an A for effort for her first dance (a Cha Cha) on tonight's DWTS season 16 premiere. 

I do have to say that it's funny because more of Wynonna's family (her mom and sister) showed up for her dancing debut than were there for her wedding to Cactus last year.

Families are such funny, fickle things. 


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2 responses to “Wynonna Judd shows us her jazz hands on “Dancing With The Stars” premiere”

  1. chrisdaley3@verizon.net' Chris Daley says:

    I dont usually watch the show, but Wynonna’s participation got my attention and curiosity. She’s having fun which is all that matters. I’ve always been a fan! Thanks.

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