Blake Shelton Gets ‘Ten Times Crazier’ With New Song – Single Review


Update: To all you Blake fans coming here because Blake Tweeted about this post, this is the opinion of a NashvilleGab writer, not me personally. We're all entitled to our opinions and I'm a firm believer in letting people have their say. That said, again, this isn't my (NashvilleGab owner) personal opinion. 

I must admit Blake has been beginning to get on my nerves as
of late, so perhaps that will color my review of his latest track. In my view
stints like his on The Voice and his recent comments on traditional country
music have prompted his move away from the country music he built his career
on. Speak to anyone who disapproves of his current musical direction, and they
will most likely state that they think he’s really talented, and his earlier
stuff was better. But songs like ‘Sure Be Cool If You Did’ lack substance, and
Blake’s ‘good ole country boy’ character on The Voice is being reflected in the
country clichés on his latest promotional release, ‘Ten Times Crazier’.

Musically, it’s less ‘pop’-orientated than its predecessor,
but equally it sounds like most other things coming out of Nashville right now.
There’s no originality to it, and could as much have been from ‘Red River Blue’
as it could have been from ‘Startin’ Fires’. It doesn’t offend me nor does it
excite me (it worries me how often I have to say this about a song), but is
pleasant enough that the mass audience will like it and blast it from their car
radios driving down the highway during the summer. It places itself firmly
within the context of summer song, with a repetitive riff and the classic sonic
unit of guitar and drums that might as well have been lifted from every other
mainstream male country artist around, with a steel guitar thrown in on the
chorus for good measure (to make sure we’re not in any doubt of what music he’s
creating, insert sarcasm here).

For the lyrics, I’m not surprised of what they’ve come up
with, but it doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed. Including as many country
stereotypes as they can possibly think of, this is like Blake’s theme song for
The Voice and a hotbed of country boy mythology. Lines such as “Well I'm crazy about fast cars,
football and guitars, All them old country songs daddy used to play, I'm crazy
about Friday nights, cold beer and good times, Crazy
about a summer day out on the lake” are adhering to the laundry list of
countryisms pioneered by people like Jason Aldean, and frankly I’m bored now.

It also involves the cheesiest attempt at wordplay I’ve heard in a
while, stating all the things he’s crazy about and then assuring said female
recipient of the song “but I’m ten times crazier about you”. Oh, lovely.

Unfortunately the song’s only real redeeming quality is that
it sounds exactly like most other hit songs on country radio. So you know, at
least it’ll probably hit the top 10 or something, and then fade away into
obscurity when Florida Georgia Line sing about another model in a bikini.

I don’t hate the song by any means, it’s just an addition to
a set of events that have made me annoyed at Blake. I want to like his music,
but he’s going to have to try a lot harder if he wants to gain the respect of
those other than the indiscriminating pop fans.

You can listen to ‘Ten Times Crazier’ here:


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